A life dedicated to music

Music for your health  Kees van Boxtel is playing the flute since a young age, starting with the recorder, later followed by the Silver flute. After playing many different kinds of music (new wave, folk, blues and pop) as well as producing and arranging within these styles, in 2006 the Bansuri (bamboo flute from India)…

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My Guru

Pt. Alok Lahiri’s is playing the Sarod that reflects the subtlety, aestheticism and nostalgic spirituality of his own style & gharana while combining it with resonant power and intensity to captivate the listeners with the beauty and originality of his Sarod playing.  Initially, Pt. Alok Lahiri grew his passion in music from his father Late…

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About Kees

Kees's main purpose in life is to reach a high standard in Indian classical music. North Indian classical music you... more about
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Classical and Semi-classical


My main projects that are active at the moment. All these musical groups can be booked on a non profit base through Pure Indian classical raga´s, World music or Yoga healing music. The Bansuri fits with all

Ode to Krishna by Kees Van Boxtel Ode to Ganesh by Kees Van Boxtel Indian Classical music you learn from a guru. Kees Van Boxtel has 3 very important Guru’s, what made him who he is right now. Himanshu Nanda, Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia and Pt. Alok Lahiri all from the Maihar-Senia Gharana.the word Guru,…

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Sacred Groves by Kees Van Boxtel   “Sacred Groves” is the name of the group around the musicians Joel Veena and Kees van Boxtel. Kees and Joel have been performing together as ‘Sacred Groves’ since 2016. The idea behind Sacred Groves is that Kees and Joel, through their music, create sacred and healing spaces where…

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Paradiya – Beyond Light by Kees Van Boxtel Paradiya in Paradise by Kees Van Boxtel   The Music of Paradiya brings together the warm melodies of the indian Bansuri ( bamboo flute) ,the west- African Kora ( Harp) and the West African percussion. Our instruments are made from natural materials like bamboo and calabash ….

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Shimayana – Medicine Buddha by Kees Van Boxtel World Music project from the Netherlands playing a mix of Indian, Turkisch, and Irish music. The Composers of the band are mostly Kees van Boxtel and Jolanda Traarbach.In januari 2008 they started up this project, Kees came back from a long trip to India and was inspired…

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State of Gratitude by Kees Van Boxtel The Samata Society is a project initiated by Kees Van Boxtel and Fred Westra. The goal is to make music for relaxation and meditation. This music is very nice to play if you do yoga or meditation.

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