World Music project from the Netherlands playing a mix of Indian, Turkisch, and Irish music.

The Composers of the band are mostly Kees van Boxtel and Jolanda Traarbach.
In januari 2008 they started up this project, Kees came back from a long trip to India and was inspired by the Indian classical music. Together with Jolanda they started composing new worldmusic with mantra’s, raga’s and makams and Irish folk as a base . The Amazing Turkisch Ud player Mehmet Polat, Sitar Player Marco Spinello and masterdrummer Piet Bezuijen joined the group on the first album. Critian Trejo, Paul Weiling and Marc Hinrichsen played on the second album. and Nayanika Nandi, Fred Westra, Remco Helbers, Neil Kerr, Parthasarathi Mukherjee and Sandip Bhattacharya joined on the 3e c.d. . The music is known as brand new blend of styles.

tree albums has seen the light of day till now:

“We we’re born to be light

“Music from the Mountains”

“Medicine Buddha¬†